«Des choses utiles pour chacun»

«Table trash can» 

Did it ever apen to you when you were in a restaurant to notice all the sugar bags, mustard or ketchup envelopes all over the table? Your little plastic milk cups spilling on your plate ? 
The table trash can should be on every restaurant table to help out on cleaning and to collect all these little anoying things !


Slices of bread stuck in your toaster ???
Avoid electrocution or damage to your precious appliance.
Use your «PINCESATOASTS» to extract it safely.
Bon appetite. 

Also available, food tossing clips in all different kinds of representations
«Imaginary duck» 
«Unidentified ducks»
Neither race nor country, the world is his habitat.
It nests where happiness lives. 
He wish it would be your home.
If this is the case, he thanks you for taking care.

Each creation is a unique piece of art !
Unique, yours and original !
*Shipping and handling may applie.
«Imaginary cats»
Unique lamps made with drift wood from the St-Lawrence River
Freely using my imagination